Office Policy

  • All the treatments including their costs are explained to the patient and consent is taken before performing any treatment with or without local anaesthesia.
  • We do ask patients for any medical history or allergy to medicines . However, if the patient has not disclosed the same, dentists at Choice Dental Clinic shall not be responsible for the effects of non disclosure.
  • At times ,there could be a possibility of change in the operative procedure during the course of treatment. Due care and effort are taken , yet sometimes a tooth may have to be removed instead of the planned conservative treatment for reasons beyond our control. In such cases,fees once a paid for a root canal are not refundable in case the tooth warrants an extraction.
  • At times a root canal treated tooth can fracture after the treatment is done successfully. Efforts made to salvage the tooth by conservative method or replacement for the extracted tooth is chargeable.
  • The Zirconia crowns and bridges have limited warranty and replacement is subject to production of the warranty card and assessment of the cause of fracture.
  • Choice Dental Clinic is not liable for any defect or loss of the crown/bridge or denture after it is successfully delivered to the patient. A crown or bridge is cemented free of cost if it comes unstuck within a period of 6 months from the time it is delivered for the first time.
  • The dental X-rays taken before, during and after the treatment are preserved only for a period of 6 months after the treatment.
  • In some cases, in spite of due procedural diligence, treatments like bone grafts and dental implants tend to get rejected by the patient’s body. However, if one implant is successful in a patient and another has been rejected in the same patient , we will repeat the procedure at no additonal cost after the mandatory waiting period. Choice Dental Clinic and its associate specialists performing these procedures are not liable to refund the charges for the same.
  • In case the patient visits another dental clinic or dentist for post operative pain or treatment (related to any tooth/ teeth we have treated within 6 months ), without our knowledge or consent, we will not be liable for any post treatment care or refund or replacement of one or more teeth.