Specialized Gum Treatment

Oral Prophylaxis / Scaling and Polishing : Calculus or tartar on the tooth surface is removed with ultrasonic scalers  and the teeth are then polished for any residual stains.  

Flap Surgery : If the first procedure is not performed in time it can lead to bone loss. In such cases a small surgical procedure is performed under local anaesthesia  to clean the tooth surface of infected bone and to enable healthy attachment of gum on the tooth.

Bone Graft : If the second procedure is also not performed then there is a risk of the tooth becoming  mobile. Such cases can be salvaged with artificial bone graft. Bone grafting is also done to increase the width of the bone prior to implant placement for missing tooth.

  • Crown Lengthening Procedure : When the crown length is less the gum is contoured to increase the length of the crown for giving a cap. Crown Lengthening (CLP) is also done when a patient has a gummy smile to improve the appearance.