Strict Sterilization Protocol

High Quality Equipment and Strict Sterilization Protocol

We follow a very strict sterilization protocol. Starting from the diagnostic kit for the consultation of the patient, everything is disposable including the glasses, trays, gloves, face masks, saliva ejectors, syringes for local anesthesia and bibs. The cotton and gauze are steam sterilized/ autoclaved before use.

    • The fixed instrument tray of the dental unit is cold sterilized after every use.
    • The needles of the syringes are incinerated after every single use before the syringes are disposed off.
    • There is a distinct segregation of bio medical waste that is followed and we are registered with the local governing body which monitors the disposal of bio medical waste very stringently.
    • Dental and non-dental staffs are given HepatitisB vaccination.
    • The flooring is vitrified tile flooring.
    • There is no wall to wall carpet. Hence , cleaning is possible with disinfectant and hence, hygiene of the clinic is maintained.
    • The patients are requested to keep their footwear outside the premises of the clinic .